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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Apple responds to iPhone, iPad tracking users' locations: Oops, our bad

map iphone tracker.jpgThe iPhone Tracker software shows where I've spent time the past few months using data collected by my 3G iPad.
Apple has finally responded to reports about the iPhone and 3G iPad tracking locations of the user and promises to address the issue with software updates.
The company denies it is tracking the location of iOS devices, but it is keeping a database of Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers around the user to "rapidly and accurately calculate its location when requested."
Apple claims the data being saved on devices is not just the user, but also data from other iPhone users in the area. The information being collected is anonymous. Regardless of who's data it is, my 3G iPad did do a fairly good job of keeping track of my whereabouts.
Researchers have found months of location information on iPhones and iPads, but Apple says this is a "bug" that will be fixed within a few weeks. Location information will be limited to seven days, and users will have an option to kill it completely.
The update also will stop sending this information to the computer when syncing. The data on the phone also will be encrypted.
I've always assumed my smartphone shares a ton of information, some of which I don't mind (I prefer that advertisers target me with ads I may like). However, it seems odd Apple would let this location "bug" drag on since researchers first discovered it in September.
It wasn't until a program was released that easily showed how much location information the iOS devices had on its users that Apple has offered a fix.
It's bad PR to have your mobile devices keeping months long location information on its users, but it could be worse.

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