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Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Commercial Mocks iPad For Being Flash-less

South Korean tech giant Samsung has just released a commercial for its new Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet on YouTube and it’s definitely poking fun at Apple’s iPad tablet for being Flash-less.
New Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Commercial Mocks iPad For Being Flash less 300x168 New Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Commercial Mocks iPad For Being Flash less
The add which runs a few seconds less of two minutes understandably shows people using the new Galaxy Tab 10.1.
The ad shows reasons why users of other tablets (yes, not explicitly told or shown but obviously depicted to be iPad users) would choose the new tablet from South Korea over the tablet from Cupertino, California.
The ad entitled “It’s Time to Tab!” opens with, “The world is changing. It’s time for the Samsung Galaxy Tab.”
“Just because you’re stuck, doesn’t mean you’re bored,” the video says, depicting a man waiting in a hallway having fun while watching a video – presumably a Flash video – on the Galaxy Tab 10.1.
A man who is also waiting and intrigued by the Tab user is shown to have bought himself his own Galaxy Tab.
Next, the same man who just bought a Tab is shown to be sitting next to an iPad-using associate in a meeting. The ad then displays “See Flash® run. Or not.” The colleague then goes to buy her own Galaxy tab.
The story then continues that way for the rest of the ad, touting the Galaxy Tab’s advantages like multi-tasking, its “HD screen”, its thinness and lightness, and gaming prowess.

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